Namaste Virtual Yoga Retreat Version is Now Live

We are excited to announce that Namaste Virtual Yoga Retreat Version is now live.
With it comes new content in the form of four new classes, all of which are more optimized for virtual reality yoga.
There have been some minor tweaks to the lighting in Sunset Beach, as well as some behind-the-scenes optimizations.

The new classes feature two Chair Yoga classes, which focus on relieving strain to the muscles in our arms, hands, necks, etc. all while comfortably seated in one of Namaste’s beautiful environments.

There are also two Yin Yoga classes. In these classes, we are back on the mat and hold our poses for longer periods of time to get a deep stretch.

Changes in Version

– Added 2 Seated Chair Yoga classes
– Added 2 Yin Yoga Deep Stretch classes
– Tweaked lighting settings
– Added small, random optimizations